Riga Paintball

RED Team ready? BLUE Team redy? GO...

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Riga Paintball

Paintball is not only a great leisure activity, but it is also a world-renowned team activity that will bring together both a newly formed team and a renewed momentum for a team that has been working together for a long time. Experienced and responsive instructors will lead to intense, safe and memorable games. Every team can also choose a variation of the game to make it even more interesting, for example, “team vs. team”, “every man for himself” or “capture the flag”.

After Paintball game you have access to the private sauna, there you can relax after crazy paintball game and make BBQ. This sauna in Riga is modern and well-maintained. Sauna and panoramic views of the window, the lobby, as well as, clothing and sit down before the heat, as well as the possibility to breathe on heated stones. The sauna is heated with firewood, guaranteeing good heat and relatively quick and easy heating.

from 50 Euros per person

Price Includes:
- transfer from hotel/apartment to track
- instructions, camuflage costume, mask, paintball weapon, 100 paintballs
- 2 hours paintball game, 3 hours rent of sauna
- transfer back to hotel/apartment

~6 hours