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Congratulations on your trip to Latvia! But....do you still have no idea of what exactly to do here? You probably are looking for something fun, extreme, and unique to do with your friends?
We would suggest combining all those feelings into one awesome activity, which we call Riga Off-Road 4x4 Drive! Learn how to control 4x4 vehicle in extreme conditions, while getting a rush of adrenaline and laughing with your friends, but at the same time exploring the untouched nature of Latvia. Whether it`s a Riga Stag do, Cooperative Event, or just a weekend break with your friends and/or family; you will return back with new skills, awesome memories, and a well spent day to boot!

New Skills

Instructors will demonstrate the functions of 4x4 vehicle and its capabilities.

We will instruct you on how to handle it in all conditions confidently with minimal impact to the environment, yourself or the vehicle.

The best way to learn to control 4x4 vehicle is in the natural environment and believe us, that can be so much fun! This leads into the next point

Adrenaline Drive You Will Never Forget

Get loads of adrenaline while facing different kinds of off-road challenges such as: fallen trees, flood damaged roads, ditches, steep hills, mud, rivers, and a lot more!

An adrenalin rushing activity we offer is having the driver go blind folded while driving and having another team member guide the “blind” driver through some terrain. The terrain is pre-checked for this particular activity for safety reasons.

Beautiful Nature of Latvia

This tour will take you off the beaten track and will allow to experience the beautiful and untouched nature of Latvia.

Whether summer, winter, spring or fall, you will be surprised how beautiful and quiet it is in the forests of Latvia.

Off Road Adventures

Safari challenge

Get loads of adrenaline while facing different kinds of off-road challenges such as: fallen trees, flood damaged roads, ditches, steep hills, rivers, mud, sand, gravel, and a lot more! Following recommendations given by instructor, team must achieve goal of challenge, which is to reach a certain destination.
Safari challenge is available as self driven or professional driven. In a self drive B category driving licence for at least one of the team members is a pre-requisite.

Blindfold 4×4 Drive

The driver is blindfolded and given his or her instructions by other members of the group who are in the vehicle; they attempt to guide the driver around a series of obstacles without picking up any penalty points. Without accurate communication the team won’t succeed in this challenge! People often say once their eyes are covered their coordination goes out the window, resulting in some very interesting maneuvers and much louder instructions. This could be part of a fun driving experience day with family, friends or a team building event.

Checkpoint challenge

Within limited time frame, teams of 2-4 people per vehicle will have to find certain checkpoints in a wider area of mixed terrain using a map. This challenge is designed to put your driving, navigating and strategic thinking skills to the test. You can switch drivers, navigators and strategists as often as you wish. Some checkpoints are more challenging because of difficult terrain or sheer distance to them. Each team will be assisted by a professional instructor who can help reading the map.


Team follows pre-written instructions (legend) which has details for successful completion of task. Legend consists of directions, distances and special remarks of area. Following instructions team can reach finish of distance, which is unknown. Team has to carefully read instructions, take decisions of distance, direction, speed and tactics. Each team consists of 2-4 members and will be assisted by a professional instructor able to assist with vehicle handling as well as a reading map.

Package A

– Safari challenge (2,5-3h)
- Duration: 4 hours, including transfer

Package B

– Safari challenge (1,5 hour)
– Legend (1 hour)
Duration: 3,5 hours, including transfer

Package C

– Safari challenge (1 hour)
– Checkpoint challenge (1 hour)
– Legend (1 hour)
Duration: 4 hours, including transfer

Package D

– Safari challenge (30 minutes)
– Checkpoint challenge (1 hour)
– Blindfold 4×4 drive (30 minutes)
– Legend (1 hour)
Duration: 4 hours, including transfer

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