Looking for an adrenaline inflow? You are in the right place!

Extreme Activities

Congratulations on your trip to Latvia! you still have no idea of what exactly to do here? You probably are looking for something fun, extreme, and unique to do with your friends? We would suggest combining all those feelings into one awesome activity, which we call Riga Off-Road 4x4 Drive! Learn how to control 4x4 vehicle in extreme conditions, while getting a rush of adrenaline and laughing with your friends, but at the same time exploring the untouched nature of Latvia. Whether it`s a Riga Stag do, Cooperative Event, or just a weekend break with your friends and/or family; you will return back with new skills, awesome memories, and a well spent day to boot! As well we are offering few another extream activities as quad biking in forest track, motorcycle expierience, outdoor kartings, riga shooting range, paragliding, paintball, hang glider.

From 240 € per car
Riga Off Road 4x4 Safari With Proffesional Instructor - 4 hours adventure + transfer
From 55 € per person
Riga Quad Bike experience with instructor - 30 minutes or 1 hour adventure + transfer
From 55 € per person
Riga motorcycle experience (only in local track) - 30 minutes or 1 hour adventure + transfer
From 40 € per person
Riga outdoor go karts - 8 min, 16 min, 24 min. or Grand Prix Competitons + transfer
From 45 € per person
Riga Shooting Range + transfer
From 25 € per person
Riga sauna + Hot Tub + transfer
From 25 € per person
Riga Beer Bike
From 50 € per person
Paintball Game 2 hours + Sauna 3 hours
From 60 € per person
Hang Gliding + Transfer
From 60 € per person
Paragliding + Transfer